• Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The shifting volumes of the "E. Sun Hope Campus"building resemble the rungs of a ladder which leads to a broader horizon. Step by step, may we all reach new heights in the coming year! more information: E.Sun Hope Campus Portfolio  more

  • “Red Dot Design Museum – Xiamen" shortlisted for AIA Shanghai Design Excellence Awards

    Designed by JJP Xiamen, the third Red Dot Design Museum in the world has been shortlisted for the AIA Shanghai Design Excellence Awards (ASDA). The award belongs to the American Institute of Architects Shanghai Chapter and is to recognize outstanding architectural designs in China. The winners will be announced at the annual banquet on December 1st. Red Dot Design Museum in Xiamen is an adaptive reuse of the region’s Gaoqi airport Terminal 2. The design team kept the terminal’s existing structure and features but introduced new elements referencing the aviation industry. Exhibition spaces, Salon, Design School and Design Library are refined via innovative methods, becoming a creative venue to display the most influential design products in the world. JJP hopes to continue to enhance the urban realm through delivering pioneering projects like the Red Dot Museum in Xiamen.  more

  • “Thinking changes World, Design changes Life” – Grand Opening for Xiamen Red Dot Design Museum

    Designed by JJP, the world’s third Red Dot Design Museum opened in Xiamen on November 3rd, 2018, and the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Awards, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, hosted the opening celebration. This project renovates the vacant Terminal 2 in Gaoqi airport, an important regional aviation hub for China’s southeastern coastal region. This site chronicles the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures, reflecting a rich maritime civilization of historic significance. By using salvaged materials and sustainable design strategies, Terminal 2 will become a place of inspiration for generations to come. Taking “Differential Time-Lapse” as a design concept, the museum deconstructs different moments of a voyage and adopts the unique attributes of the airport to provide new ways of exhibiting the award-winning designs.  more

  • “Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” 2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop

    “2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop” was held from September 7th to 16th at the Southeast University in Nanjing. This year, the two of JJP’s principals, Joshua Jih Pan and Chungwei Su, were invited as the convener and planner in Taiwan. This year’s topic featuring “Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” congregates one hundred talented students from 20 universities across the Strait with target block of “Xinjiekou” in Nanjing. The apprentices were led by a team of mentors composed of the ones from both Mainland China and Taiwan to analyze its rich historical context, architectural style, and urban space, and then present insights and visions that express humanities in urbanism. At the jury session, Mr. Pan interacted with the teachers and students and encouraged the students to participate more often in the design exchanges to explore the potential of the Chinese architecture generation.  more

  • Nantou County Architects Association visited the “E.Sun Credit Card Building"

    More than 40 members from Nantou County Architects Association and County Government officials visited the "E.Sun Credit Card Building" on September 15th. JJP and the owner conducted an architecture tour and illustrated the design concepts. The project adopts the idea of "sincere trust" and interprets on the building volume via the gradually spinning configuration. This elegant feature integrates with the greenery, shading grilles, and a pond to further create a multi-layered landscape and clear field of vision. It has obtained Taiwan Green Building EEWH Gold Certification. Surrounded by old industrial neighborhood of Sanchong, this 14-story building has now become a new landmark in the neighborhood. It combines the display of digital finance and art to express the new vision of “future evolution”.   Read More: E.Sun Credit Card Building  more

  • “Slash Generation” the discovering in architecture practice

    JJP Principal, Mr. Pan, was invited to deliver a speech at the School of Architecture, Southeast University. He themed the recent hit topic "Slash Generation" on the evening of September 13th during “2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop". He encouraged the students to maintain curiosity and observation to cultivate design energy from the interpretation of the existing environment. “The architecture journey never ends”, he said. Mr. Pan shared his interpretation of Chinese classical ideas with modern multidisciplinary fashion and the latest selected practices with the audience. The two-hour speech and communication were filled with joy and inspiration. Han Dongqing, dean of the School of Architecture and Mr. Pan exchanged monograph to draw a perfect ending for the event.  more

  • “Reading the city, Read in the city”, National Public Information Library

    Phoenix Satellite TV visited National Public Information Library as the third part of the “Designer” series work that introduces Taiwan architecture and architects. In both the design and practice, this project breaks through the existing impressions of traditional libraries by reinterpreting regional context of geography & aesthetics, creating an environment in which cities and green spaces coexist harmoniously, and facilitating the reading behavior inextricably linked with nature. National Public Information Library conveys the concept of “reading the city, read in the city” through the influence of Phoenix Satellite TV in Chinese-speaking territories worldwide. It also gathers the interactive exchange of knowledge and creates a culture with local texture amid the ambiance of mountain profile, water flow in channels and pastoral clusters. Read more: Phoenix Satellite Official Website National Public Information Library  more

  • Smart Practice of Human-technology, Advantech Smart Campus

    "Industrial production is for people, so is the working environment. As a result, we hope that through meticulous design, people can enjoy the environment much pleasantly in their work" said Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA. Taiwan Vernacular Architecture, one of the series of Phoenix Satellite Television(PST), secondly visited “Advantech Linkou Smart Campus”. This project adopts “Smart Earth Facilitator” as new vision. It integrates the idea of delicate human technology into the corporate’s spirit through the interweaving configuration and layout. Through PST’s interpretation, this program conveys Taiwan’s diverse design capabilities, incorporating the elements of human-culture, arts, science fiction films into technological atmosphere, and demonstrating intelligent integrated thinking. read more: Designer, Phoenix Satellite Television Advantech Linkou Smart Campus  more

  • Timelessly classic triumph, Main Library of Chung Yuan Christian University

    Joshua Jih Pan was interviewed by Taiwan Vernacular Architecture, one of the series of  that introduces vernacular architecture and JJP’s masterpieces in Taiwan via its global vision and influence in Chinese speaking regions. Main Library of Chung Yuan Christian University, the firstly visited project, adopts energy-saving as one of the initial concepts and creates a delighting space in the campus via its pioneering, natural ventilation system as well as the integration of the interior space far before green building trend arose. Through ubiquitous online video, the worldwide audience is able to witness this timelessly classic triumph. read more: Designer, Phoenix Satellite Television Main Library of Chung Yuan Christian University Portfolio  more

  • “Spiritual Beacon of the Chinese Culture" Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor Planning & Design Master Workshop

    Hosted, the Planning & Design Workshop for Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor invited architectural profession masters to jointly review the development program. Joshua Jih Pan, FAIA and He Jingtang, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, are honored by the invitation to this event on May 20th. Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor is a national cultural park program, consisting of ritual, travel, commercial, and other character sections. The park occupies a 36 square kilometers site in Shanxi and will become a magnificent multi-scale sightseeing spot with sufficient traveling benefits. The workshop hosts want to follow the successful model of “Xiongan New Area planning” so that invited masters from the most prestigious architectural academy in China. Each team proposes iconic schemes for the Mausoleum during the workshop. Mr. Pan, FAIA, draws a conclusion that all the teams shall develop the design schemes on the basis of the strengthening sentiment consensus of the Chinese people and carry forward  more