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Monthly Archives: 十一月 2015

J.J.Pan Longlisted for New Nano-science and Nanotechnology Center at Tel Aviv University

J.J.Pan & Partners is happ […]

Designer & Designing(Shanghai) — J. J. Pan & Partners Interview and Selected Projects

目錄 視點Standpoint 2011中國環藝設計學年獎華 [...]

Time Architecture (Shanghai) / Special Issue — J. J. Pan & Partners Articles and Selected Projects

「建築以載道」時代建築別冊 NO. 3

Brick by Brick – Building the Foundation of Life

潘冀其人其事 PART 1 找尋人生方向的基本功 為你的夢想 [...]

UED (Urban Environment Design) ,Tianjin — Selected Projects-The Embodiment of the Way

目錄 2011/Issue 58 普雷斯頓‧斯科特‧科恩 P [...]

Creative Taiwanese Peronsa — the Architect-Joshua Jih Pan

目錄 低碳、環保,看建築 – 侯貞雄 傳承 – 台灣創意人物 [...]

Architecture Techniques — Renewals-Interviews with Joshua Jih Pan [...]

Arquitectura Macau Magazine — Innovation and Sustainability- Change and Unchange in Architecture

am澳門建築特刊 NO.22「創新與永續- 建築設計的變與不 [...]

Radiant Journeys of Architects – the Famous Designers’ Speeches

博物館的故事 — 姚仁喜 博物館的自明性 — 簡學義 創意的 [...]




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