• A new outlook for the historical neighborhood – “Zhonghua Building Urban Renewal Project” held its groundbreaking ceremony

    Designed by JJP, “Cathay Zhonghua Building Urban Renewal Project” held its groundbreaking ceremony on May 9th. The building sets to establish a new image for the north entrance of Ximen Pedestrian Zone. The project is located at the northern gateway of the pedestrian area in Ximending, along an 80-meter boulevard next to a traditional & commercial neighborhood with abundant historical and cultural contents. The new building consists of a trilogy: a podium, the middle, and upper tower. The podium follows the existing street ambiance while emphasizes the pop culture of business on the façade. The stacking building massing depicts the concept of “stepping up to reach a broader vision” to profile the client’s ambition. In a delicate balance of the economic values and environment-friendliness, the project is expected to become the new nexus in the western part of Taipei amid the urban context.  more

  • Beam-raising Ceremony for Campus Evangelical Fellowship Building

    Located right across National Taiwan University, a landmark of the surrounding commercial district, "Campus Books," a four-story building has attracted countless young people for more than 40 years. The existed space was no longer sufficient, so the client commissioned JJP to reconstruct the project in 2016 and held its beam-raising ceremony on March 19, 2019. To continue the client’s vision, the project features the theme of "mission and calling" Quoting from the Bible -" Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will spread throughout the world," the sentence turns into a fenestration sequence and is engraved on the exterior wall. The cross inlaid placed at the top of the building, interacts with light to shape the expressions through light and shadow at day and night which capture the attention of the crowd on the street and to inspire the passers-by to wonder about indoor activities. The building, dwelling on a geographically limited site,  more

  • CHAA Visited Taiwan for Advanced Medical Facility Design Symposium

    On March 19th, the presidium of China Hospital Architects Alliance (CHAA) and more than 20 alliance members visited JJP as to kick off the series of the event. In the symposium, Joshua Jih Pan expressed his warm welcome to CHAA’s visit at the beginning. Chungwei Su then introduced JJP’s philosophy in architectural practice. He not only highlighted the importance of a city’s sustainable development but emphasized that medical facilities shall take advantage of surrounding features to overcome the limitations of building a hospital — the more communication between the faculty and the patients, the more helpful to create a healing environment. Subsequently, Mr. Chen Guoliang, first chairman of CHAA, also showed his gratitude to JJP’s friendly welcome and thoughtful arrangement for the visit. “CHAA is looking forward to the itinerary including National Taiwan University Hospital Cancer Center, Social Welfare Park of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church, Advantech Smart Campus, Ally Logistic Property Yangmei Logistics  more

  • Industry-Academia Cooperation Building of Chung Yuan Christian University Held Opening Ceremony

    In order to strengthen the international research plan and establish a platform for industry-academia cooperation, Chung Yuan Christian University commissioned JJP to design the building – “Zhixing-Linghang Hall” and held its opening on March 12th. “Zhixing-Linghang” means turning knowledge into real action and leading the corporates in the technology field. The New Zhongbei campus is divided into two areas, the Industry-Academia area, and dormitory. The project uses “New Zhongbei Green Blvd” as planning axis to attach both campuses. Architecturally, the design takes Industry 4.0 as a concept to disperse the needs of spaces by clusters, areas, and phases. The façade uses blue, that signifies this university as main color tone. By rhythmically changing the massing, it creates uniqueness and definition of the departments, respectively, to express the image of Industry 4.0 and the beliefs of the individual difference in teams. Two landscape-decorated detention basins sit on both the north and south side  more

  • Cathay Landmark Minsheng-Jianguo Opens on March 11th, 2019

    Located at the intersection of Jianguo North Road and Minsheng East Road, Cathay Landmark Minsheng-Jianguo and Courtyard by Marriott Taipei Downtown sharing the same building consists of an A-class office and business hotel. After ten years of efforts, this project has made its own debut on March 11th. The client aims to enhance its commercial value by cooperating with a distinguished hotel brand as this project is the largest urban renewal in Taipei City. JJP’s design takes advantage of the building massing and vertical greenery to create a mirror-like building envelope implying the reflection of the diversity in the urban. Patrons in the building may enjoy the scenery of Taipei and overlook the pronounced skylines and mountain range in the city. This is the first international hotel in Taiwan that achieved both LEED Gold and EEWH Diamond in green building certificate. The building’s 3rd to 13th floor serves as an A-class office  more

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The shifting volumes of the "E. Sun Hope Campus"building resemble the rungs of a ladder which leads to a broader horizon. Step by step, may we all reach new heights in the coming year! more information: E.Sun Hope Campus Portfolio  more

  • “Red Dot Design Museum – Xiamen" shortlisted for AIA Shanghai Design Excellence Awards

    Designed by JJP Xiamen, the third Red Dot Design Museum in the world has been shortlisted for the AIA Shanghai Design Excellence Awards (ASDA). The award belongs to the American Institute of Architects Shanghai Chapter and is to recognize outstanding architectural designs in China. The winners will be announced at the annual banquet on December 1st. Red Dot Design Museum in Xiamen is an adaptive reuse of the region’s Gaoqi airport Terminal 2. The design team kept the terminal’s existing structure and features but introduced new elements referencing the aviation industry. Exhibition spaces, Salon, Design School and Design Library are refined via innovative methods, becoming a creative venue to display the most influential design products in the world. JJP hopes to continue to enhance the urban realm through delivering pioneering projects like the Red Dot Museum in Xiamen.  more

  • “Thinking changes World, Design changes Life” – Grand Opening for Xiamen Red Dot Design Museum

    Designed by JJP, the world’s third Red Dot Design Museum opened in Xiamen on November 3rd, 2018, and the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Awards, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, hosted the opening celebration. This project renovates the vacant Terminal 2 in Gaoqi airport, an important regional aviation hub for China’s southeastern coastal region. This site chronicles the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures, reflecting a rich maritime civilization of historic significance. By using salvaged materials and sustainable design strategies, Terminal 2 will become a place of inspiration for generations to come. Taking “Differential Time-Lapse” as a design concept, the museum deconstructs different moments of a voyage and adopts the unique attributes of the airport to provide new ways of exhibiting the award-winning designs.  more

  • JJP won the competition of “Master Planning and Schematic Design of the New Terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport"

    The Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication announced the results for the "Master Planning and Schematic Design of the New Terminal of Kaohsiung International Airport" today, with the international winning team led by JJP, April Yang Design Studio and the Taiwan Engineering Consultants Group. Pursuant to the vision laid out in the “Kaohsiung International Airport 2035 Overall Plan”, the team proposed to combine the new passenger terminal, the ground transportation center and the existing international terminal as the optimal configuration. The jury commended the scheme for allowing future expansion flexibility while taking into consideration the existing international terminal. The future terminal will seamlessly integrate with the existing terminal, so that the airside facilities can be flexibly adjusted according to actual traffic demand. On the land side, the Customs/Immigration/Quarantine/Security (CIQS) facilities can be combined, while the airport's transportation, dining, shopping, and commercial functions can be strengthened. The new terminal design  more

  • “Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” 2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop

    “2018 Cross-Straits School of Architecture Student Exchange Workshop” was held from September 7th to 16th at the Southeast University in Nanjing. This year, the two of JJP’s principals, Joshua Jih Pan and Chungwei Su, were invited as the convener and planner in Taiwan. This year’s topic featuring “Renovation and Regeneration of Cities” congregates one hundred talented students from 20 universities across the Strait with target block of “Xinjiekou” in Nanjing. The apprentices were led by a team of mentors composed of the ones from both Mainland China and Taiwan to analyze its rich historical context, architectural style, and urban space, and then present insights and visions that express humanities in urbanism. At the jury session, Mr. Pan interacted with the teachers and students and encouraged the students to participate more often in the design exchanges to explore the potential of the Chinese architecture generation.  more