Adimmune Corporation Vaccine Plants

Situated at Taichung Science Park, this project, occupying around 1.5 hectare, is expected to be a bellwether in biotechnology via its integration of aesthetic, genetic engineering and diversity in environment and humanity.

Office and Production, two of the buildings on site for this stage differentiate from each other through changes in their façades. Encircling the Office Building and filtering natural light to produce a variation in transparency, the glazed curtain walls are the main medium to communicate with the exterior landscape. On the other hand, the façade for the Production Building is divided into volumes and vertical windows to better facilitate the specific bio-technical production needs.

The blueprint of DNA portrays species’ frames and functions for all living creatures. The elevation design adopts DNA’s two axial lines. Not only does it construct regular divisions in the glass curtain walls, but the double-spiral glass veneers dub the façade an organic aesthetics and extend its vertical depth. Enriching the outlines greatly, light fluctuates with the double-helix pattern weaving through the building both day and night.

Location: Site 15, Taichung Science Park, Taichung City

Structural system: RC & Steel structure

Site area: 15,786 ㎡

Building coverage: 9,472㎡

Total floor area: Phase I : 13,708㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 4 above grade

Design period: 2012.4 ~ 2012.12

類別: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Manufacturing

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