Administration Building, Chung Yuan Christian University

Through 50 years of educational dedication, CYC University has developed into a mature learning environment. Facing a growing number of faculty and students, the university aims to not only provide more space to operate, but also to bring advanced administrative service and creative ideas into the campus in order to express dynamic energy within the university.

The buildings are distributed among the site to avoid massing impact to the campus. By minimizing the elimination and transplant of trees and unifying various green axes within the campus, the layout enhances a safe and comfortable campus circulation.

The ground floor is partially lifted up to create semi-outdoor spaces and to reiterate campus entrance with spatial hierarchy. The elevation is designed to reflect internal functions. By integrating the exterior with the surrounding landscape, the administration building stands gracefully among the daily activities in the campus.

Location: Chung Yuan Christian University

Structural system: RC, Steel

Site area: 6,562m²

Total floor area: 19,146 m²

No. of stories: 2 below, 7 above grade

類別: Education、Paper Architecture

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