Administration, Education and Engineering Buildings Nankai College, Nanto

Situated in Tsao-Tun Township of Nanto County, the college campus was severely damaged by the great 1999 earthquake. We were engaged to design three new buildings: Administration, Education and Engineering, to undertake repair work for several existing buildings, and to configure a new campus masterplan.


The masterplan is conceived as a central axis leading into a sequence of public, semi-public, and private spaces according to use, providing a layered learning environment. The main campus entrance is a small plaza; while the Administration, Education, Engineering Buildings and existing Science Building form a landscaped central court around a pool and greenery accommodating different outdoor activities. The new buildings harmonize with existing campus structures. Light gray exterior walls enlivened with clear glass curtain walls create a bright, refurbished campus image. In time, existing structures will be renovated in color and material to match the new buildings.

類別: Education

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