AU Optronics Dormitory

Situated in Acer Group’s Aspire Park in Long Tan County, the site occupies a sloping land facing the valley with a lovely view of the plateau beyond, and is flanked by tea farms and courtyard farmhouses. The dormitory, to contain 800 dwelling units for staff engineers, is scheduled to be built in two phases, with the first phase containing 400 units and related public amenities including a small gymnasium, a staff dining hall, convenience shops, laundry, post office, as well as a lounge and audio-visual room. The dwelling units are arranged parallel with the sloping site to gain the best view, with every two dormitory buildings surrounding a linear, street like outdoor space, partly to protect it from the winter prevailing wind but mostly to form a sort of human scaled “urban space” within the huge factory complex. The dormitory units and public facilities are all linked by these “streets” with covered walkways, while the gymnasium forms a center of interest. In addition, the design utilized the natural slope of the land to create open space at different levels for visual interest.
Exterior walls consist of glass, aluminum grid, pierced and/or solid tile enclosure, depending on the need for privacy or openness. Total floor area is25,460sq.m and construction cost amounts to NT$308,600,000. The project was completed in March 2001.

Total floor area: 25,460㎡

類別: Dormitory

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