Bio-Technology Research Laboratory and Pilot Plant, Development Center for Bio-Technology

On a site on loan from Taiwan University, this structure represents the first stage of bio-technology research and development for the Development Center for Bio-Technology.

The project occupies an area of 4,240 sq.m., and consists of two five-story buildings, one for research and the other for staff housing. In the research building at the front, the first floor is used for reception, pilot plants, shipping and receiving. Administration, conference rooms and the library are on the second floor, and research laboratories with ancillary spaces are on the third to fifth floors. Laboratories are placed on the periphery with the related spaces (instrumentation, chemicals, autoclave & washing, cold storage, mechanical equipment) in the center. Near the main stairs and elevators on each floor is a lounge/meeting room. In the basement, in addition to storage and equipment rooms, there is a 200-seat lecture hall. On the top floor there are animal rooms and a greenhouse.

The five-story staff housing in the rear contains ten three-bedroom apartments (1,155 sq.m. each), four two-bedroom apartments (660 sq.m. each), one four-bedroom apartment (1,320 sq.m.) and five guest room suites. Utilities and recreation rooms are in the basement. The total construction cost is NT$179,743,000. Since this project is situated on a site on loan from National Taiwan University, the exterior, color and materials used all abide by the regulations of the University master plan. The University’s request, to keep certain architectural characteristics of the original campus built during the Japanese occupation, is met, yet with a modern Interpretation with high-tech vocabulary.

類別: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Education、R&D

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