Cancer Center, National Taiwan University Hospital

The two themes, “A Healing Environment" and “Connecting NTU Cancer Center with the Public", represent the core concept of this project. Located in the Gongguan campus of NTU Hospital, where the existing street is narrow and a massive building of 10 stories in height may create a sense of visual pressure, the design used a bread curve to coordinate different buildings on the site and create a friendly spatial separation with the neighborhood area. The Medical Mall in the Cancer Center connects various functional elements, providing a sense of social connection and sustainable total care.

Exterior color coding and choice of building material follow the basic NTU architectural vocabulary, with a variety of window types to provide a lively rhythm of light and shadow. A stable podium of the building guides the visual line of vision towards the entrance, while the curved facade softens the building image.

The design of the patient wards emphasizes the flexibility of the use of space while also providing a sense of privacy and security for the patients. The walkways within each unit connect different areas and also bring in natural light and air to the patients’ activity zone. Healing Gardens, serving as a lounge and socializing area, also guide natural light deep into the interior of the building for a cozy ambiance. Patient room windows are to the north and south side, to avoid the view of the public cemetery in the distance. Each floor is provided with landscaped balconies to create a cozy healing area, while a night beacon preserves the traditional educational spirit with a new outlook for the future.

Location : Taipei

Structural system : Steel, RC

Site area: 31,410 m²

Building coverage : 12,560 m²

Total floor area: 125,700 m²

No. of stories : 4 below, 15 above grade

No. of Beds: approximately 500

Design period: 2008.04 ~ 2009.04

Const. period : 2009.03 ~ 2011.12

Collaborating Architect : HKS, USA

類別: Healthcare

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