Cathay Landmark Minsheng-Jianguo & Courtyard by Marriott Taipei Downtown

Located near Songshan International Airport, Taipei City’s gateway for business and cross-strait travel, the new Cathay Life Insurance Building invigorates an important transportation node. Upon a site of an ailing office building, this new commercial development will firmly establish the surrounding neighborhood as a prime center for offices. This project builds upon the city government’s commitment to urban regeneration, aiming to foster the area’s development and the overall competitiveness of Taipei.


This new mixed-use commercial tower is organized vertically and composed of three parts: retail, office, and hospitality. At the ground level, retail spaces open directly onto the street while offices utilize the middle levels. At these levels, offices are organized into smaller units to reflect the area’s specific commercial pattern. A hotel with two hundred rooms completes the upper levels, taking advantage of the clear vista towards the city. Lobbies serving the offices and the hotel are located at the ground level. Recalling a classical tripartite organization of base, shaft, and capital, the building’s massing further takes into consideration of the site’s close proximity to adjacent buildings and an elevated road by establishing a large setback from the property line. This approach creates an inviting open space at the ground level and buffers the hotel rooms from the passing traffic.


At the base, the building utilizes stone masonry and a glass curtain wall to abstractly communicate the client’s corporate image. Treated glass surfaces echoing the pattern of tree trunks further wrap the shaft while the additional glass surfaces adorn the capital. Together, the glass and the stone shimmer in the light and greenery of Taipei City, establishing a new beacon in the heart of the city.

Location: Taipei City

Structural system: SRC

Site area: 6845.18 ㎡

Building coverage: 6,600 ㎡

Total floor area: 71,300 ㎡

No. of stories: 4 below, 20 stories above grade

No. of rooms: 223 rooms

Design period: 2008.10 ~ 2013.10

Const. period: 2013.07 ~ 2017.03

photo provided by: Courtyard Taipei Downtown by Marriott

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use、Hospitality、Office

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