Cheng-Du Business School Complex / Feng Chia University, Taichung

Located on the south-eastern corner of the first campus where an elder campus building has been demolished, Chen-Du Hall is a multipurpose building with 3 floors below and 12 floors above ground. Automobile parking take up the two lowest floors while motorcycles are parked on the first basement; the first four floors above grade contain classrooms; the Aeronautics Department, a Library and Audio-Visual Center, the Extension-Education Center and GIS Center are located on the 5th through 8th floors, while the 9th through 12th floors serve the School of Business Administration, with classrooms, study-research rooms and offices.
As this building is situated next to the east campus gate, facing a proposed 25 meter wide road, the entrance and main lobby are placed towards the east so as to attract more students to enter via the east gate and relieve the present heavy student traffic at the west gate. The site has a height restriction as it is located near the Taichung Airport, thus the building was designed with its volume rising from east to west, both to comply with building regulations & to suggest a gesture towards the core of the University.
The building is rectangular in form, approximately 30 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a double loaded corridor as the most economical form of space use. A large semi-outdoor lounge is provided in the center of the 2nd and 5th floors to bring in natural light and relieve the oppressive length of the corridor, where teachers and students mix and socialize between classes. The 9th floor is used by Business School, as there are a great number of study-research rooms which need windows, a central courtyard is designed with a glazed roof open on two sides to provide natural light and air. Total floor area of the building is 26,552 sq.m. and construction cost amounts to NT$368,600,000. The project completion date for the building is August, 1999.

類別: Education

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