Chengdu Office Building, Media Tek Inc.

MediaTek’s Chengdu Headquarters is located at the Southern edge of Chengdu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone near the major transportation artery Tianfu Avenue Middle Section. The site measures 125 meters wide and 177 meters long.

The project scope consists of the master plan and an office tower for the first phase. An additional tower with a connecting two-story tall enclosed arcade is planned for the second phase. The towers form a compact cluster, consolidating open spaces on the site to establish an expansive lawn facing the city. Acting as a buffer, landscape bridges the towers’ interior with the urban scenery beyond and creates a cohesive relationship between the towers and nature.

The programs are developed based on the requirements of industrial research laboratory. The main entrance, an employee cafeteria and walkways linking the two towers are located on the first floor. A separate service entrance is planned, splitting employee and service circulations. Additional auxiliary programs are designated for the second floor while open-plan laboratories are located between the third and the tenth floor. The eleventh and the twelfth floor are reserved for individual research offices.

Location: Chengdu

Structural system: RC

Site area: 22,980㎡

Total floor area: 86,721㎡

Building coverage: 2,364㎡

No. of stories: 2 below, 12 above grades

Design period: 2011.03

類別: Office、R&D

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