China Evangelical Seminary Bade Campus

The China Evangelical Seminary Bade Campus is located in Taoyuan City, surrounded by ponds and plantations around the site. The masterplan is based on ecological sustainability and aims to reduce harmful environmental impacts. The building height is low to divide the buildings in the campus to be dispersed in order to make more use of the space, with natural resource usage distributed amongst them.

The campus layout is on the basis of the Bible, evoking a story of grape vines from it. All the buildings in the campus are connected by a semi-open corridor. The clarity of circulation system is beneficial to users to have outdoor activities and create a natural and comfortable environment.

The design uses the natural features of the site. It is relatively low at the North and high at the South. Since water flows North, a water basin is set there. On the southern side, the design is kept original and sets up pedestrian walkways. Taking advantage of different features in open space, lawns, gardens, and meditative space connect the campus with an abundant, open space system.

Location: Bade District, Taoyuan City

Structural system: RC+SS

Site area: 23,141 m²

Building coverage: 4,968m²

Total floor area: 18,288 m²

No. of stories: 1 below, 5 above grade

Cost : NT$ 606,000,000 (exclude furniture)

Design period: 2007.06 ~ 2016.06

Const. period: 2017.11 ~ 2019.07(estimated)

類別: Education、Religious、Residential

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