Ching Hwa/Winbond Community Housing Development

As Ching Hwa University and Winbond Electronic Corporation are both situated in Hsin-chu City, a group of faculty and staff members from the two institutions joined force to purchase a piece of land for a residential development. The site, 6,400 sq.m. in area, faces a 12 meter road in front and borders on the landscaped open space of the Science Based Industrial Park at the rear. Three buildings, ranging in height from 14 to 16 stories, contain a total of 220 dwelling units and are organized to provide optimum view and cross-ventilation for all apartments. A central courtyard serves as entrance foreground to the buildings while providing community spirit. Parking is located on two levels below grade. Total floor area is 42,234 sq.m.. Construction completion date, end of 1998.

類別: Residential

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