Christian Disciples Training Center

Located in the Nuan-Nuan zone of Keelung city, this building was completed in December 1997. Of reinforced concrete construction, the 7-story structure with basement has a total floor area of 3,275 sq.m.(992 pings) and a construction cost of NT$56,000,000. The ground floor of the building contains administration offices; a library and staff dining room/kitchen take up the second floor. Third to sixth floors hold dormitories for single and married members while a chapel and music classroom are located on the top floor.The basement contains a multi-purpose recreation room/lounge, which opens onto a sunken-garden courtyard minimizing the perception of being underground.

When driving toward the center, the tall red-colored cross becomes visible from a distance the moment one’s car turns around the hill and enters Nuan-Nuan zone. It forms a pleasant complement to the surrounding apartment buildings.
The exterior wall, interspersed with glass blocks, creates a sedate yet contemporary look. Window air-conditioner shelves are recessed to become an integral part of fenestration while interior alcoves are carefully designed to provide desk, bookcase and closet spaces. Corner balconies and roof terraces on different floors provide a view to the landscaped garden below and Keelung River beyond, further promoting the spiritual quality of the center as a place for living and learning.

類別: Education

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