Christian Panchiao Baptist Church Redevelopment Taipei

Located in the busy Panchiao commercial district in Taipei County, this 883-sq.m. site has an elongated shape of 1:3 proportions, with the shorter side facing the street. In accordance with the requirements of the church, two buildings have provided. The building in front has an independent ground floor and basement for rental, while a passage leads from the street to the second-floor chapel and classrooms via stepped plaza. A 400-seat assembly with mezzanine are located on the third and fourth floors.

The rear building has recreation rooms on the ground floor, a library and offices on the second floor, living quarters for the pastor and minister on the third floor, and student dormitories on the fourth and fifth floors. Thus the site, though small, is able to serve a multitude of functions while maintaining a religious ambiance. The total floor area is 1,590 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$22,800,000, and it was completed in the summer of 1989.

類別: Religious

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