Church of Suan-Lien Elderly Center

The symbol of “fish” for the Christian faith inspired the design concept of the church building. The shape of the building is drawn along the winding ditch and land boundary with two curving lines forming a fish figure. The steel frame rises up along the two curved planes, forming a complete arched structure. A minimal quantity of 230 tons of steel created a space of 40m (length)×26m(width)×18m(height) in dimension.


The exterior form of the church takes on the imagery of “tent.” The arching exterior claddings are butt jointed kynar finished aluminum panels, with large glass curtain walls at both ends to admit light. The revealing pedestals firmly stationed on the ground reflect the “fixed pegs of a tent.” The asterisk-shaped steel truss in the interior is exposed to form a structural frame, with an inward tilting panel placed inside the triangular space formed by the steel members to provide different reflecting angles. The resonance is thus evenly diffused, and a suspending triangular reflection panel is used to facilitate the transmission of voice on the podium to distant corners, fulfilling the requirements of lyrical chorus and speaking. The mezzanine seating area provides 550 seats, and the front rolls at the ground level accommodate the elderly on wheel-chair, while the side passageway connects the lobby and the Dementia Care Zone.


The furniture is designed with the concept deriving from the sectioning pattern of the interior walls, taking the kinetic and physical constraints of the elderly into consideration. The entire design based on religious ceremony and rituals is tailor-made for the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.

Location : Sanzhi Dist., New Taipei City

Structural system: RC, Steel

Site area : 33,100㎡

Building coverage: 995㎡

Total floor area: 1,264㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 2 above grade

Design period : 2005.10 ~ 2007.08

Const. period: 2007.11 ~ 2009.11

類別: Religious

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