CKS International Airport Access MRT System Taipei A1 Station and C1/D1 Twin Towers

The major design content of this project is to integrate the significant architectural symbols in Taipei city, A1 station and C1/D1 towers of Taipei Station Special Zone, as well as the historical communities around the area as a whole. Through a series of sophisticated developments in traffic rectification, financial consolidation, and urban and spatial design within the special zone, Taipei city is creating an overwhelming image of being an internationalized capitol and the door to the world. A1 station and C1/D1 towers, therefore, are not only functioning as transportation centers but also as comprehensive urban regions for the city itself.


This city landmark project pledges to put Taipei on global map with a design collaboration, including Pritzker Award winner Fumihiko Maki of Japan, J. J. Pan and Partners and CECI, Taiwan.

Location : Taipei Main Station District

Structural system: Steel, SRC

Site area: C1: 13,080 ㎡ • D1: 18,515 ㎡

Building coverage: C1: 8,065 ㎡ • D1: 10,095 ㎡

Total floor area: C1: 208,000 ㎡ • D1: 311,580 ㎡

No. of stories : C1: 56 • D1: 76

Design period: 2005.07 ~ 2007.12

Const. period: 2006.06 ~ 2012.12

Collaborating Architect: Maki and Associates, Japan

類別: Office

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