CMPT Plant Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

This project is the Asian Pacific Technical Center for Rohm & Hass, a global leader of precision surface technologies for semiconductors. It is scheduled to be built in three stages, and will contain a factory of 4,500sq.m for chemical mechanical polishing, a technological research center of 2,000sq.m, and a Class 10 Clean Room of 500sq.m.

Landscape design for the site emphasizes preserving and transplanting of existing trees, combined with multi-level planting to form a natural scenic environment. Phase I and II buildings consist of administration offices, the Clean Room and part of the factory, enclosed by Low E glass, aluminum curtain wall and metal sandwich panels to suggest a high-tech image. The entry plaza is enlivened by water play, a horizontally extended canopy with inset glass at the roof leads to the two story high, brightly lit main lobby.

Phase III project is a two story high factory for manufacturing polishing pads, it is connected to the Phase I factory and finished in similar metal sandwich panels to maintain an integrated appearance.

Location: Chunan Site, Hsinchu Science Park

Structural system: Steel、RC

Site area: 24,280 ㎡

Building coverage: 9,660 ㎡

Total floor area : 10,855 ㎡

No. of stories: 2 below、7 above grade

Design period : 2005.06 ~ 2006.09

Const. period: 2005.11 ~ 2007.02

類別: Manufacturing

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