Daxing, Taoyuan and Wunsin, Taichung Stores, McDonald Quanta Foods, Ltd.

In configuring the building masses of the two flagship stores, the concept of Mcdonald’s packing box is taken up to fulfill the spatial needs. Various high and low spaces are linked with a “continuing” and “flowing” technique to endow the building with a lightness and elegance. A quiet style is presented by its materials and structure, aiming to create a marking sculpture of architecture.

Daxing store is located in the Taoyuan Chung Cheng Special Art Zone. Humanities and arts are the foundation of the design concept. Besides incorporating a linear smoothness, the project attempts to subvert the accustomed commercial language, hoping to shape a new architectural outlook for the neighborhood. The masses are arranged in a quiet, modest, yet lively and interesting fashion. A 60cm flowing ribbon is used to fully connect the volumes of different sizes and heights to achieve an extended visual effect.

The Wusin store is located in the residential area of Taichung City. To satisfy the community population consisting mainly of students and families, the design features the concept of urban village with homey and simple volume variations. The concept of “box-within-a-box” accentuates the layering volumes. The first and second floors are piled up with a stacking technique, and the upper floor is cantilevered to nearly 4m at the second level, hoping to arrive at a balanced effect of speediness and slowness in the busy urban context. The exterior walls employ the aggregated stucco surface treatment as of a villa, complemented with interior grid to create a warm and pleasant dining space comfortable as a vacation resort.

Location : Daxing W. Rd., Taoyuan/ Wunsin S. Rd., Taichung

Structural system: RC

Site area: Daxing: 1,761m2 / Wunsin: 961m2

Building coverage : Daxing: 528m2 / Wunsin:961m2

Total floor area: Daxing: 643m2 / Wunsin:961m2

No. of stories : Daxing: 2 floors above grade / Wunsin: 3 floors above grade

Design period: Daxing:2006.11 - 2007.11 / Wunsin: 2006.12 - 2007.10

Const. period : Daxing: 2008.01 - 2008.10 / Wunsin: 2007.12 - 2008.06

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use

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