Dongguan Shuhai Logistics Center

Located in Dongguan City, the site faces the major boulevards in the South, occupying 50 hectares, and surrounded by plain, green land with great transportation benefits.

According to the master planning and site survey, a reasonable logistic circulation is arranged to fulfill the needs of fresh food’s temporary storage, refrigeration, and freezing. Efficient spatial layout completes a turn-key working mode and become a model of logistic centers.

The design of the façade uses the existing environment as the concept, “cloud and chessboard pattern” to express the image of an intelligent storage system. This logistic center also implies the modern context in cultural vernacularism as well as conveys the beliefs of the client, the coordination, and time of the urban setting.

Location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Structural system: RC & SS

Site area: 33,333m²

Building coverage: 15,300 m²

Total floor area: 28,024m2

No. of stories: 1 below, 5 above grade

Cost: Approximately NT$800,000,000

Design period: 2015.05 ~ 2016.06

Const. period: 2016.07 ~ 2017.07

類別: Logistics

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