Engineering Building, National Quemoy University

National Quemoy University is located at Kin-Ning Village, near the Kin-Chen Administrative Center, occupying an area of some 13.5 hectares; the Physics & Engineering Building is situated at the south-west side of the Composite Teaching Building, with Building Construction(1st Fl.), Electronics(2nd Fl.) Communications (3rd Fl.) and Food Science (4th Fl.) for teaching, experimentation and other related research work.

Physics & Engineering Building is designed with a central courtyard, forming an orderly campus architectural group. The landscaped courtyard provides plentiful natural daylight for all the classrooms and laboratories, while trees, lawns, and green shrubberies create a peaceful ambience conductive to the cultivation of scholarly accomplishments. Construction of the building uses low-pollution building material and reasonable technics which will shorten construction time as well as an environmental impact on the campus. This building can merge with the campus harmoniously and enjoy a healthy long life.

Location: Kinmen County

Structural system: RC

Site area: 6,000㎡

Building coverage: 2,640㎡

Total floor area: 10,360㎡

No. of stories: 1 below 5 above grade

Design period: 2007.11 ~ 2009.2

Const. period: 2009.3 ~ 2010.12

類別: Education

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