Engineering College Building No.1, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung

Situated on the seaside campus north of the Seaside High-way, the building has three wings, respectively six, five and four stories in height, for the Departments of Harbor and River Engineering, Naval Architecture, Electrical Engineering of the College. Connected together with the Main College Building, these structures form a single building group. Since the building is north of the Seaside Highway and thus separate from the main campus, the design must take into consideration the combining of teaching and research facilities with student activity spaces such as dining and recreation; as a result, the building is self-sufficient in all aspects. Special needs of the Naval Architecture Department include an anechoic Chamber, a Reverberation Chamber, a Ship Simulation Laboratory, and, shared with the Harbor and River Engineering Department, a Material and Structure Laboratory and reaction wall. The total floor area is 14,520 sq.; the total construction cost was NT$ 238,280,000. It was completed in 1994.

類別: Education

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