Expansion Project of R&D Center, MDS Pharma Services-Taiwan Ltd.

Established in the 1971s, MDS Pharma Services-Taiwan Ltd. is the earliest CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Taiwan, dedicated to entrusted research on pharmacological tests. The company’s clients include the world’s major pharmaceutical firms, food factories, chemical plants, bio-technological companies and medical R&D organizations.

The site is located in Beitou District in Taipei city, with an area of 6,122㎡, and the total floor area of 5,878㎡. The project scope includes intensive renovation of existing R&D Center, and the addition of AAA/LAC certified 4,000-cube rodent vivarium. The whole campus accommodates about 120 researchers with professional labs in different research groups.

In the site planning, considering the eastern and northern sides of the site closely adjacent to the agricultural zone on the Kuandu plain, the expansion project takes the shape of open arms. The lobby acts as a node to conclude the city’s industrial activities on the west, transforming to a low profile arched roof descending into the field in the east. In architecture design, module system is utilized to maintain flexibility of combining and expansion. To encourage interactions among the staff, the multi-purpose room is placed in the first floor, directly facing the atrium with a lawn for lounging. In addition, circulations within clean zones are configured in accordance with the standard operation procedure to avoid contamination. And the mechanical/AC maintenance spaces and lab area are separated to prevent pollution from affecting experiment outcomes. Through the intricate design a bio-technology center of safe, comfort and efficiency is achieved.

Location : Beitou Dist., Taipei City

Structural system: RC, Steel

Site area: 6,122㎡

Building coverage : 2,635㎡

Total floor area: 5,878㎡

No. of stories : 1 below, 4 above grade

Design period : 2009.3 ~ 2010.4

類別: Adaptive Reuse、Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical、Paper Architecture、R&D

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