Fab III, Macronix International Co.

In addition to fulfilling the functional requirements, the challenge of this wafer production plant was to create a building both unique yet complementary to the existing Headquarter Building and Staff Recreation/Training Center, both designed by our office.
To accomplish this, we employed a gradually receding, curved building form recalling the rhythm of the Headquarter Building, and avoiding the pressure that a typically massive Fab would exert on surrounding roads. The Production and General Utilities Plants were designed according to strict functional requirements; auxiliary factory buildings are also curved. Exterior finish generally matches the Headquarters Building, with aluminum and glass curtain wall resting on a granite base, except a green glass with white enameled dots was used on the interior face of the curved walls to both reduce reflective glazing glare and create a special visual quality.

Location: Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park

Structural system: SS、SRC

Material: glass、aluminum curtain wall system、RC wall with glazed tile and cementitious coarse surface

Site area: 82,000㎡

Building coverage: 15,095㎡

Total floor area : 109,050㎡

No. of stories : 3 floors below grade、11 floors above grade

Design period : 2000.03 ~ 2001.01

Const. period : 2000.04 ~ 2002.06

類別: Manufacturing、R&D

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