Faculty Housing for National Cheng Kung University

This large-scale multiple dwelling project, financed by the Housing Assistance Commission of the Executive Yuan, is divided into five zones, three of which, Zones B, D, and E, were designed by our office. Some 25% of the dwelling units measure 106 sq.m. in floor area, 50% measure 120 sq.m., and the remaining 25% measure 132 sq.m. in floor area. Zone B contains three 12-story buildings with basements, a total of 118 dwelling units with total floor area of 17,865 sq.m. and a construction cost of NT$289,000,000. The basement provides parking for 91 cars and also serves as an air-raid shelter. The ground floor residences were designed as duplex apartments to allow a maximum number of dwelling units with street-level entry. The entrance floor is elevated 60 cm for privacy and includes a superintendent’s office for security.

Zone D, restricted by FAR regulations, contains only one 11-story building with basement and 21 dwelling units; it has a floor area of 3,406 sq.m., and a construction cost of NT$61,080,000. Zone E contains three buildings 15 stories high with basements, arranged in a triangular pattern, for 134 dwelling units and 112 underground parking spaces. Surrounded by ample landscaped open space to relieve the impact that tall buildings often have on neighboring streets, the entry court is also raised 75 cm to minimize street noise and visual disturbance. The total floor area is 22,195 sq.m., its construction cost was NT$368,132,000. All three zones were completed in 1995.

類別: Residential

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