Fubon Fuzhou Headquarters

The Fubon Fuzhou Headquarters is located on the Strait Financial Street within Fuzhou City’s Taijiang District. The site directly faces the Minjiang River with the Fuzhou City administrative center across the shore and the Gushan Bridge to the east. A strategic location with unparalleled river views makes it an ideal position for an important financial institution.

The building is about 120 meters high, with an overall design that is simple and elegant. The building’s main south elevation features a curved curtain wall with an intricate sunshade pattern, that together creates a sense of the rhythm through the play of light and shadow. At night, the ingenious design of the lighting system creates and elaborates the wave effect. The project is expected to obtain LEED gold certification, which will also set a local green building benchmark.

Location: Strait Financial Street, Fuzhou City

Structural system: SS

Site area: 9,862 m²

Building coverage: 2,333 m²

Total floor area: 55,348m²

No. of stories: 2 below, 20 above grade

Design period: 2013.02 ~ 2014.12

Joint Venture Architect:: FXFOWLE

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use、Office

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