Fuzhou Polytechnic College Phase Ⅱ

The design concept uses “Blessing, Mountain, Nurturing, Water” as the theme for the planning of Fuzhou Polytechnic College Phase II.

  • Blessing: stepping upward, following the natural terrain of terraced paddy.
  • Mountain: respect the silhouette of mountain range buildings are placed accordingly, with rhythm.
  • Nurturing: embracing courtyards addressing the contour of the sloped land.
  • Water: natural trenches formed by the contour to guide the rainwater into the creek and river, thus nourishes the waterfront eco-system and greeneries.

Based on the above concepts, the building complex forms a twin ring, three axes and a single core siting with multiple interaction nodes. The clustering of the buildings echoes the landscape of Chinese paintings and winding images which create more opportunities for natural interaction.

Location: Fuzhou Polytechnic College, Northern Xiyuan Riverbank

Structural system: RC with partial SS

Site area: 104,170㎡

Building coverage: 20,650㎡

Total floor area: 112,596㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 6 above grade

Design period: 2010.11 ~ 2011.8

Const. period: 2010.12 ~ 2011.12

類別: Dormitory

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