Grace Gospel Center, Taichung

The site is located in the redevelopment area of Taichung City, a prominent corner lot bordered by the 20 m wide Hui-Wen Road and the 15 m Da-Dun Fourth Street. The Church is a three story structure with basement parking and a two story rental book shop below ground which may be entered from the street level. The building above grade is composed of two parts: to the north a U shaped wing which contains Sunday school classrooms, fellowship rooms and offices on the first and second floors, and parsonage on the third floor; to the south a library and fellowship hall occupies the ground floor, while a two story high, 500 seat assembly hall is situated above. The north and south wings thus form a landscaped central courtyard, creating a serene oasis in the midst of the bustling city. The building is set back 5 meters from the 20 m wide road as required by code, which further provides a green belt at the main entrance and adds to the feeling of spaciousness.


A 30 meter high campanile flanks the main entry and serves as a landmark. The assembly hall on the second floor is entered via a ceremonial outdoor stairway which suggests a separation between the secular and spiritual worlds. The trapezoid form of the Sanctuary recalls the angle of the two intersecting streets, increasing in width from the entrance to the altar, while the pitched roof also rises in height in the same procession, resulting in two gable walls of different heights at either end, thus conveying a traditional religious image by contemporary means.
Total floor area is about 4,243 sq.m., with a construction cost of NT$81,000,000. The building is completed in 1997.

類別: Religious

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