Gymnasium & Indoor Swimming Pool, Chung-Yuan Christian University

The site is trapezoid-shaped, bordered on the east by five-story apartment buildings on the other side of a drainage trench, and on the west by the campus road leading to the athletic fields. Since the university was not able to purchase the land beyond this road until later, the shape of the building is much influenced by the site constraints. The main gymnasium, 40 m x 60 m, can accommodate three basketbal courts for teaching, or one central court with 800 spectator seats on either side for tournaments. There is also an auxiliary gym and an audio-visual classroom, as well as dance, exercise, martial art, table-tennis and weight-lifting classrooms, plus 330 sq.m. of faculty offices, lockers and toilet facilities. The main entrance hall has a high ceiling and is visually linked to both the upper-level gallery and the basement lobby/lounge. Auxiliary facilities on two levels are located in sawtooth fashion along the main entrance side of the main gym, both to suit the site configuration and to lighten the effect of the massive gym. The gym is framed in steel and lit by rows of clerestory windows. Air-conditioning is provided for the faculty suite only, the rest of the building is designed for natural light and air, partially supplemented by mechanical ventilation. The two-story structure with basement has a total floor area of 7,450 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$91,500,000, and it was completed in 1989.


Indoor Swimming Pool
Situated south of the gymnasium, this structure houses an Olympic regulation- size swimming pool with eight 50-meter lanes for teaching and inter-collegiate contests. The building is designed to harmonize with the gym, with a steel framed roof for the wide span supported on a reinforced concrete walls. Spectators enter from the lobby directly to a second floor gallery with a 400- to 600-seat capacity, which is linked to the existing gym by a glazed bridge. Under the gallery are locker rooms, lavatories and other auxiliary services. The east side of the building faces the street and is lit by high windows, while the main source of light is provided by large window walls with sheets of glass and tilted skylights at the north and south ends. The total floor area is 3,130 sq.m., the construction cost was NT75,000,000 and it was completed in 1991. Together with the gymnasium, these two buildings received a silver medal award from the Chinese Architect Journal.

Joint Venture Architect : Chiu Hwa Wang

類別: Education

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