Heart of Jungli, Take off and Regenerate

Basic Design of Taoyuan MRT System Jungli Station and Taiwan Railway Elevated Station Complex Project

Currently, with the neighboring area surrounding Jungli Railway Station appearing obsolete and unable to accommodate future activities, in order to develop the urban environment based on public transportation systems-oriented goals and strategies, Taoyuan County Government implemented the Complex basic design and the surrounding land development program of Jungli MRT Station and Taiwan Railway Elevated Station, to increase the land value and reshape the city into a new, healthy and sunny look.
The project centers on Jungli Station, with a research scope covering the area of the airport park, Speed Rail Chinpu High Station, the Blue, Red, Green and Orange lines of the MRT, and adjacent industrial zones and recreational spots. The goal is to support full-scope future city development with comprehensive planning. The basic design perimeter starts from Jhongyang E. Rd., Yuanhua Rd. in the north and extends to Guangjhou Rd. in the south, along with Jhongshan E. Rd. in the east, and Longgang Rd. in the west. The 128-hectare area is planned into 6 zones, including: the station’s flagship feature zone, creative industrial-educational R&D exhibit zone, Hsin Jie Creek waterfront green energy development zone, artistic style residence/office building development zone, regional shopping redevelopment zone, and residential redevelopment zone. Remodeling plans of feature streets are proposed for Jhongjheng Rd., Fusing Rd., Jhongmei Rd., and Yuanhua Rd. With completion of the project, Jungli will strengthen its current gateway status of southern Taoyuan region and transform itself into a Communicative, Comfortable, and Compact 3C city.
Station hub serves as the solid foundation as well as cataclysm of the project. The airport MRT line extended to Jungli Station (A23) and Taiwan Railway Jungli Elevated Station will jointly take on the role pioneering revitalization of the peripheral old streets and reconnecting the northern and southern urban areas where business activities have long been blocked by the railway. The Taiwan Railway and MRT Station Complex Towers, adjacent to future MRT joint development zone and priority urban renewal zone is the flagship for this project development. Diversified landuse and projects allowed, along with incentives for urban planning provide attractive investment conditions. Upon the program completion in the year 2131 in sync with the construction of Taiwan Elevated Railway and Taoyuan MTR network, sustainable design concepts such as green energy, on-site water preservation and multi-layered plantation will create a striking, progressive, environment-friendly city gate imagery that presents a role model for regional re-development in the global society.

類別: Transportation / Infrastructure

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