Hefei R&D Center. Media Tek Inc.

MediaTek Hefei Research and Development Center is located at the Hefei hi-tech Industrial Development Zone West of Mt. Dashu and South of West Changjiang Road, the site measures 17,000 square meters in area and is bounded by Wanshui Road to the North.

The project consists of a ten-story tower with two auxiliary buildings. Located at the center of the site, the tower houses the research and development offices and laboratories. The main entrance vestibule protrudes outward and integrates the surrounding landscape features to form a welcoming entry sequence. The tower is joined by a one-story automobile testing center to the West and a two-story building to the South. The first floor of which contains the employee cafeteria and kitchen while the second floor is designated for the employee gym. A connecting bridge to the tower enables weatherproofed movement between buildings. The exterior façade of all three buildings are articulated in a systematic design, reflecting the company’s image and visual identity while establishing a concise visual rhythm.

The new Research and Development Center will provide a vibrant environment to support future growth and will greatly enrich the quality of working life for the employees.


Location : Hefei hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Structural system: RC with partial SS

Site area : 17,009㎡

Building coverage: 7,102㎡

Total floor area : 51,335㎡

No. of stories : 2 below, 10 above grade

Design period : 2014.2 ~ 2014.10

Const. period : 2014.12 ~

類別: Office、R&D

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