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Fon-Chi Developers, Inc. wishes to build a speculative apartment building at Kang-Ning Road in the redeveloped area of Neihu in Taipei City, on a L-shaped site 998 sq. m. in area. The site is serviced by 8 meters wide proposed roads on three sides, with a fine view on the north towards rising mountain slopes.

Due to building code restrictions, the building is composed of two unequal height structures, one 5 stories and the other 9 stories high. Main entrance faces south and is enclosed by a curved colonnade to form a landscaped forecourt, enlivened with greenery and jets of fountain spray. Except for this forecourt which leads into a semi-circular, glazed public lounge, all other outdoor areas are subdivided as private gardens for ground floor apartment.

The 5 story building, situated in front, contains 3 bedroom apartment units 125 sq. m. in area, while the 9 story structure behind contains 4 bedroom apartment units of 145 sq. m. Major living areas all enjoy good light and fine view, kitchens are located on the interior site and open onto service balconies where compressors for air-condition units are carefully arranged. Ample sized public stair halls are brightly lit and face the landscaped forecourt, quite unlike the usual narrow, dingy apartment building stair halls. Roof gardens are provided on both structures for residents’ use.


The design aims at creating a refined, nature loving and domestic scale living environment in the urban area, to fulfill the idealistic aspirations of our client.

Location: Neihu, Taipei City

Site area : 998 ㎡

Total floor area: 3,280 ㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 9 above grade

Design period : 1996.06 ~ 1997.06

Const. period : 1997.06 ~ 2000.06

類別: Residential

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