Hsin-Chu Park Presbyterian Church

Located on a busy thoroughfare of Kuang-Fu Road in Hsin-Chu city, the rectilinear site is 301 sq.m. in area. As it faces a 20M road in an area zoned for commerce, the building height limit is 36 meters; it is designed however as a lower eight-story building with basement due to budget limitations. The structure is set back from the road with an arcade which serves as a casual meeting place for members. The entry floor contains a bookstore next to the lobby; second and third floors are offices and rental units which may be used as offices or apartments; fourth and fifth floors contain minister and staff living quarters; sixth floor holds Sunday school classrooms while a Fellowship Hall which doubles as chapel and banquet room takes up the seventh floor. The 180-seat assembly room with mezzanine crowns the building on the eighth floor. Tall windows flanking the alter flood the space with light during the day and illuminate the cross atop the church tower at night, forming a landmark on Kuang-Fu road while suggesting a meeting between Heaven and Man.
A nursery room with closed-circuit television is provided behind the mezzanine for use by members with infants. A six-car parking garage is located in the basement.
The exterior of the building is tiled in brick color with grey bands, creating a dignified countenance. Total floor area is 1,980 sq.m. with a construction cost of NT$36,500,000, completed in February 1998.

類別: Religious

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