HTC R&D Project

Project Text
HTC Corporation is a premier manufacturer and innovator of mobile communications devices on the global stage. It is the intention of the corporation to create a headquarters building unique in its image to reflect the company’s cutting edge technology.

The tower is configured at a slight angle off the elevated highway overpass ramp in order to relieve the congestion at the main entrance. Space inside the building is articulated in three functional groups above the ground level: the “Agora” at the building base with conference rooms, exhibition hall and gym; the studios with offices and design houses in the middle section; and the executive floors for the corporate directing officers at the top. In between these spaces sits the “interacting zone,” including circulation, staff lounges, vertical greenhouses, a gymnasium, a staff canteen and multiple floor atriums used for important marketing events such as new product premieres and staff gatherings.

One of the most important planning issues for the research and development offices is to separate the project teams physically while maintaining interoperability. This allows the teams to be grouped to perform specific tasks efficiently when needed. To meet this criterion, a long-span structural system enabling an open floor plan suitable for teaming and grouping is utilized. Lounges and vertical gardens are strategically arranged in the atriums to promote sociopetal staff interaction amongst floors.

The selection of façade materials also presents a challenge to the design team. The client requires the exterior wall for studios and offices to be iconic, be able to provide privacy in order to shield technical innovations, and maintaining sufficient transparency for natural light and view. Through intensive research and testing, a façade combining channel glass made of low iron (extra clear) and low-e glazing curtain wall are suggested. In office/studio areas, the channel glass enclosure allows light to flow in. Within the “interacting zone”, the full height transparent glazed wall provides maximum connection between the interior and exterior, symbolic of the corporate vision toward the world. The composition of these two distinctively different kinds of glass elegantly expresses the company value.


Location: Taipei

Total floor area: 55,200㎡

Design period : 2009.01 ~ 2009.03

類別: Office、Paper Architecture、R&D

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