Information Science & Electrical Engineering Building, National Ching Hua University

Situated on a rather constrained site, this building faces a lake to the east, a three story building to the north, a 17 meter high indoor swimming pool to the west, and the eight-story high Physics Building to the south.
To accommodate both the Information Science and Electrical Engineering Departments, an “H" design was used, with the same length of both arms signifying equal importance for the two departments. The design also seeks to harmonize with the complicated sculptural form of the neighboring eight-story Physics Building. A stepped form was used for the Information Science side, complemented with stepped fenestration on the Electrical Engineering side. There is a broad entry court in front, with sidewalks leading to the lake. Parking and service quarters are at the rear. The sizes of classrooms, faculty offices and laboratories are all in 26 square meter increments. The 7 m x 7.5 m and 7 m x 10.5 m (including corridors) structural modular can be flexibly partitioned. The building measures eight stories plus basement. The total floor area is 20,245 sq.m., with a total construction cost of NT$314,000,000. It was completed in June, 1993.

類別: Education、R&D

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