Information Technology and Academic Building

This project lies in the central of the campus while incorporates the diversity among other buildings that built with asynchronous legitimate standards in Taiwan via its appearance. It is an epoch-making project for National Taiwan Normal University since Linco Branch established.


What a conceptual image is to embrace the tradition and yet renovate the future. The project, a new spot, extends from its facade to adjacent buildings and then the overall campus. From inside to outside, the design smoothly elaborates the profile of the campus planning as a basis and, then, optimizes the details of each feature of the buildings. At last, the new building is originated from the existing design and yet forms a integration.


The newly constructed building is an epochal image that symbolizes both the past and the future. Via the materials and volumes of the podiums, the building abstractly echoes the school timeline. Along with the height of surrounded trees, a recessed void on the façade resembles a “communication window” for the middle levels or/and above which are able to properly interact with the campus. Such a dynamic, considerable design wins the honor of Green awards.


A harmony in details via the air between the new and the old specially details the friendly and approachable environment.

Location: Linco, New Taipei City

Structural system: SRC

Site area: 10,792 ㎡

Building coverage: 4,242 ㎡

Total floor area: 18,940 ㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 8 above grades

Design period: 2007.10~2010.07

Const. period: 2010.08~2013.01

類別: Education

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