Integrated Services Centre, Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation

Mennonite Foundation has been dedicated to the elderly care industry, including home-care, meal delivery, urgent rescue, daycare, and accessibility for over 20 years in Hualien. The team has been growing but without stable service areas. In order to have better services, the foundation desires to have an ampler service area. Hence, the foundation plans to build an integrated services centre in the North and another one in the South, Yuli, for the elders.

The project is located on Mingquan Road, in Hualien city, right across Mennonite Missionary Hall. On the southeast side is Hualien Harbor. The site area is 878 m2. In the new centre, a daycare area is arranged for disabilities except the original service functions. Therefore, the disabled are able to have professional care within the center and return to accompany family at night and on holidays. There is a garden behind the daycare center, which facilitates the sunlight into the interior of the centre for abundant light and great view. There are two multifunctional activity rooms on the second floor, which can host relevant events. The rooms are also used for social welfare groups to hold meetings and interaction.

In order to take better care of the elderly, the layout of the first and second floor are based on barrier-free design. The offices and other meeting spaces are arranged on the 3rd and 4th floors. During typhoon season, Hualien is always the first to face the impact, and the operable shutters are placed on each of the windows to prevent the strong winds and rains of typhoons. In other seasons, the shutters could park on the side and become a design element on the façade.

The main purpose of this project is to provide the elderly with better care like a home during the day, while their family could attend to their daily normal works, thus reach the goal of “aging in place.” For the community.

Location: Hualien County

Structural system: RC

Site area: 878m²

Building coverage: 481 m²

Total floor area: 3,775 m²

No. of stories: 2 below, 4 above grade

Cost: NT$120,000,000

Design period: 2015.05 ~ 2015.11

Const. period: 2016.07 ~ 2018.01

類別: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

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