Kingland Mansion, Shanghai

Kingland Mansion is designed for a certain new social class. Located in the residential zone for the financial center of Pudong, bordering the new commercial district along Pudong Boulevard on its south, the first two floors on the south side therefore comprise shops as a main visual attraction, while living quarters are entered from the north side near the residential zone. In response to the social requirement of the tenants, the building design is somewhat similar to a hotel in quality and management, yet also provides a cozy, homelike feeling.


Dwelling units from 3rd to 31st floors are designed with a 45 degree diagonal disposition, with a full height corner window on the south side for view and sunlight. A recessed balcony provides privacy for individual units. Each dwelling unit is 45 – 60 square meters in area; each floor contains 12 units of three different types, with a central corridor and service core. The units are designed to meet with the functional requirement of the “DINK" (Double Income No Kids) class, with recessed entries in varied material and color to define individual ownership.


Brick walls and a roof trellis form the main frame of the building exterior, accented by a cantilevered slab every four floors for rhythm, while the glass balcony railing is designed as an extension of the structural frame for simplicity. The total design aims at responding to the general environment while providing a refined life style for the residents.

Location: Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Structural system: RC

Material: Exterior: metal curtain wall with glazing, latex paint

Material: Interior: stone facing, walnut, latex paint

Site area: 4,600㎡

Building coverage: 1,290㎡

Total floor area: 26,000㎡

No. of stories : 1 below、31 above grade

No. of rooms : 348 rooms

Design period: 2001.11 ~ 2002.04

Const. period: 2002.05 ~ 2004.01

類別: Hospitality、Residential

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