Kinmen Eco-Resort and Leisure Park BOT Project

The project is located in Kinmen County sitting on a site of 4.55 hectares in Forest Recreational Area. Due to the earlier historical reason, Kinmen is a wealthy island in historical legacy, nature species and unique culture tradition.


With Kinmen’s exclusive geometric position, “ripples” are used to describe as the conceptual idea.
The main volume, hotel, is arranged at the southern site and sequentially radiates into waterpark, gift shops, theaters, chapel, banquet hall, and 2 to 5 story villas.


The chronic water shortages issues create a distinctive physiographic feature, reservoirs(水塘). The design of villa area follows the feature to create a recreational water resort. New construction techniques and materials are used on the Kinmen tradition-like villas to bring out a combination of time flows. Sustainable design is also applied in the plan and prospect to build an Eco-Resort with Kinmen tradition feature. 20 detached villas and 194 rooms are planned for now and will be expanded to 250 rooms in the near future.

Location: Kinmen County, Taiwan

Structural System: Steel

Site area: 45,455㎡

Building Coverage: 11360㎡

Total floor area: 25,887 ㎡

No. of stories: 1 below, 5 above grades

No. of rooms: 214

Design period: 2012.11 ~ 2014.05

Const. period: 2014.07 ~ 2016.03

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use、Sport / Leisure

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