Lifeguard HBV Plant, Lifeguard Pharmaceutical Co.

The Lifeguard Pharmaceutical Co. wished to build a plant in the Science-Based Industrial Park to prepare Hepatitis B vaccine to insure a partial supply of the vaccine in Taiwan.

As a factory with GMP standard, its production must abide by a strict environmental code. Production equipment and technology relied on total technology transfer from the French Sanofi Company, representative of Pasteur Pharmaceutical Co.. Structural shells for container trucks with vaccine manufacturing equipment are incorporated into the design. The building occupies a site of 9,843 sq.m. with a total floor area of 5,470 sq.m. and a total construction cost of NT$110,000,000. It was completed in 1986. In 1993 our firm was asked to design an additional third floor with an area of about 1,233 sq.m., to be used for administration. The original office space on the second floor will be used for the expansion of the production plant.

Joint Venture Architect: Chiu Hwa Wang

類別: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical

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