Longtan Fab C, Qualcomm Panel Manufacturing Ltd.

Qualcomm Panel Manufacturing Fab C applies a production efficient layout to pursue modulized floor plans which is able to adapt multi-functional usage. Our team managed to accomplish the planning, design, and licensure process within four months in respond to time constraint.

The factory supplies the production and manufacture of Mirasol○TM panel, which adopts concepts from the wings of butterflies to develop IMOD techniques. Apart from two solid walls on the façade, the rest of the building expresses lightness, futurism, and technology through the use of materials such as clear glass and silver metal panels. The handling of details is emphasized on the symbolic significance of optic theorem. The vertical shading, for example, controls light emission in different season and time, which represents the optic intensity between two conductive panels used for refraction in the IMOD system. The solid walls on east and north façade are finished with different sizes of stone panels to create a dynamic rhythm. Through which the wall is able to respond uniquely under different lighting conditions, which again accentuate the technology of Mirasol○TM.

Through the planting of multi-layered vegetation, the building integrates with the surrounding environment which enables the growth of rich habitat. Some vegetation is used to indicate circulation and strengthen security system while others are floral vegetation that blooms during different seasons. Thus, the vegetation creates dynamic and colorful landscape during different seasons. The retention basin on the east side is integrated into the general landscape design, which reduces the impact of the outdoor condition and expresses the clearness and crispness of a high-tech campus. Apart from the carefully designed landscape on the ground level, a green garden on the rooftop of the office building also provides outdoor spaces for leisure activities. The roof garden not only acts as a buffer to reduce structural damage from thermal expansion/contraction and retain steady interior thermal condition, but also acts as a connection between users and the environment which enhances the balance between human development and natural habitat.

Location: Hsinchu Science Park

Structural system: RC, Steel

Site area: 54,406 ㎡

Building coverage: 35,620 ㎡

Total floor area: 172,073 ㎡

No. of stories: 4 below, 9 above grade

Design period: 2010.08 ~ 2010.12

Const. period: 2010.11 ~ 2012.06

類別: Manufacturing、R&D

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