Longwan Social Welfare Center, Wenzhou

The site of these social welfare facilities occupies lot I-06 of south section in Yaoxi residential area. The program calls for mixture of both independent and nursing cares complemented by multi-function recreation center, food service hall and experiencing quarters. The design aims to create a long-term nursing home with multiple amenities, extensive services, diversified tiers and continuous caring through enthusiasm & compassion.
The design extends landscape from outdoor environment to indoors. Building facades covered with plants grew along public zones of each floor further intensify the image of green building. Living units incorporates gardens & courtyards to foster a Shangri-La for both bodies and souls.

Location: Wenzhou City

Structural system: RC

Building coverage: 425 ㎡

Site area: 43,992 ㎡

Total floor area: 61,588㎡

No. of stories: 6 above grade

No. of beds: Independent: 720、Nursing Care: 480

Design period: 2013.10

類別: Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

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