Maritime Technology Building, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung

This eleven-story building with basement has a total floor area of 15,220 sq.m., its construction cost was NT$312,770,000. A steel bridge connects this reinforced concrete structure to the Shipping Management building as well as to the University’s elevated walkway network. A plaza at the southeast entry and a spacious roof garden atop one portion of the ground floor area create additional space for outdoor activities on a rather constrained site.

The building is to house three departments: the Depart-ment of Marine Engineering and Technology, with its heavy lab equipment, occupies the basement though the third floor; the Department of Navigation Technology oc-cupies the fourth through seventh floor plus the tenth and eleventh floors; the Graduate School of Institute of Mari-time Technology is located on the eighth and ninth floors. The college’s exterior design stresses energy conservation, with windows carefully recessed according to their orien-tation and utilizing reflective glass to minimize the sum-mer cooling load, Incorporated in the design to somewhat reflect the “Green Architecture” calling under this rather limited financial condition.

類別: Education

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