McDonald’s Hualien Store/McDonald Quanta Foods

Situated on a corner lot, this building is placed diagonally so that the entrance may command the streets from both directions and at the same time provide an elongated drive-in service line. Large sheets of clear glass and glass blocks decorated with McDonald’s yellow logo lighten the weighty feeling of a concrete structure while providing the second floor diners with a sweeping vista.

The principal structural beams span a space 9.5 meters wide and partially two stories in height; the tall space adds visual interest as it defines the different functional zones of waiting, dining and cooking. The dining area also extends to the front and rear of the second floor, and is lit by skylights which are linked to the water tower above the stairway to form an interesting composition. The interior design employs indigenous masks in transcribed forms as a decorative motif. The total floor area is 756 sq.m., the construction cost was NT$30,000,000, and it was completed in the spring of 1990.

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use

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