Mechanical Engineering Building, National Changhwa Normal University

The first structure built in the new second campus of the university, this building has six floors above ground and one below. Its total floor area is 12,430 sq.m.,its construction cost was NT$197,260,000, and it was completed in 1991.

The entry floor contains the lobby, a lecture hall and workshops. Workshops with heavy equipment or noisy operations are located in the basement which, due to the building being situated on a slope, is actually also at grade level. Administration, exhibition area, and a library are placed on the second floor, while the third through six floors contain classrooms and laboratory.

Faculty offices and graduate student research rooms are placed next to the various workshops and labs to promote an intimate faculty/student interaction, while spacious corridors with seating and restroom facilities enliven major student pathways. The exterior is designed to express the character of the Department, using exhaust chimneys, steel deck roofs, etc., as design features.

Joint Venture Architect: Chiu Hwa Wang

類別: Education

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