Media Park, TVBS

Site Plan
Recording studios of different sizes are grouped and stacked along the back of the site, away from the street and the noise of traffic. Large plaza and open space are placed alongside the main street with transparent commercial venues as back drop. Administrative tower, with its head turned toward old CBD of Linkou, is serving as a landmark for the new center of the district.




Based on TVBS’s corporate motto – “Anchored in Taiwan, Overlooking the world”, two architectural concepts were developed. The first is to create a distinct recognizable diversified working environment to declare the leadership in new public media field, and secondly, to actively communicate with the public through the design of viewing gallery, public forum with open space, and performing platforms, to offer a new form of interaction with the general publ


An amphitheater with satellite dish shaped plaza to provide a conspicuous statement, plus the design of three colored trumpet openings/balconies on the façade of studio to create interesting and outreaching appearance to the public.

Location: Linkou Dist., New Taipei City

Structural system: Steel Structure with Partial Reinforced Concrete

Site area: 14,230㎡

Building coverage: 8,000㎡

No. of stories: 4 below, 13 above grade

Total floor area: 32,297㎡

Design period: 2013.01 ~ 2014.08

Const. period: 2014.04 ~ 2017.04

類別: Office、Sport / Leisure

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