Merica Headquarters Building

The Merica Chain Group formerly ran a foreign language training center, but afteryears of development it has expanded its functions to include a consultancy and travel agency for students in pursuit of studies abroad.

To meet these increased space requirements, a site of 561 sq.m. in area on the same block as the original school location on Nan-Yang street was purchased, and a new eight-story structure was built. The sub-basement is used for parking; classrooms comprise the basement and second through sixth floors, with living quarter occupying the seventh and eighth floors; the ground floor serves as a business center. Since the site borders on three streets of different widths, each governed by set-back regulations proportioned to street width,the building assumes an irregular “ziggurat" form, a witty suggestion of the classic Chinese description of a scholar or official “aspiring to rise step by step". The total floor area is 3,579 sq.m. and construction cost was NT$75,590,000. It was completed in 1989.

類別: Commercial / Mixed Use、Education

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