Mitac Linkou Plant I for the Mitac International Corp., Taoyuan

This project is situated in the Hwa-Ya Park in Linkou Township of Taoyuan County. A reinforced concrete building with six floors above and two floors below ground. Total floor area is 39,392 sq. m. and construction cost amounted to NT$350,000,000. It was completed in July, 1999.

The principal functions contained in this plant are administration, production, and laboratory testing. The basements contain a staff dining hall and parking garages also serving as air-raid shelters; the building above ground is divided into three sections: a six story office building in front facing the principal park road, a two-story factory in the middle arranged according to the client’s production line layout, and a three story testing laboratory building at the rear. Exterior walls are sheathed in silver-gray glazed tiles which combin with the glass curtain wall office wing to produce an image of crisp efficiency for the Mitac Corp.

類別: Office

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