MOMO North Logistics Center

Located in Taoyuan city, this project is designed as a logistics center for MOMO’s online shopping platform, Consisting of automatic storage systems and offices, this center efficiently manages all the operations for shipment packaging and delivery.

Using MOMO’s shipping box as a design inspiration, the concept of “gift box” guides the design of the center’s form and visual expression. Two large volumes organize two different storage systems into separate zones. Sited along the main road, the volumes’ intricate facade helps reduce the building’s visual impact on the pedestrian. The horizontal strip windows and dynamic colors not only bring in more natural light but also alludes to the digital realm. Conceptually and formally the building becomes a landmark rooted in the company’s identity.

To maximize energy-saving performance, green building materials are used throughout the project. For instance, low-e glass and a double-layer system are installed to minimize heat gain from thermal radiation in the storage area while solar panels are arranged on the roof to utilize the space. Furthermore, cooling water curtain system in the basement reduces the outdoor air temperature before distributing to the interior. These design together create a modern energy-saving logistics center that integrates the building inside out.

Location: Dayuan District, Taoyuan City

Structural system: RC, Steel

Site area: 25,025 m²

Building coverage: 15,451 m²

Total floor area: 82,709 m²

No. of stories: 1below, 6 above grade

Design period: 2015.05~2015.09

Const. period: 2015.11~2017.08

類別: Logistics

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